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Welcome to Cornerstone Publications! Cornerstone Publications is the home of the Comprehensive New Testament - the most accurate text for the New Testament ever produced. The Comprehensive New Testament was created specifically for Bible studies. Whether you're leading or just participating in a Bible study - when someone says, "My Bible doesn't say that" you'll be able to help everyone in the group understand the different texts. At the bottom of each page is a parallel textual apparatus that presents the textual choices of 20 Bible versions for each verse of the New Testament. This is the largest parallel textual apparatus for English Bible versions currently available. This will enable you to show everyone the reading in their Bible and everyone else's Bible. The text requires less than a 6th grade reading level. The Comprehensive New Testament also includes highlights of parallels and a cross reference index for the Dead Sea Scrolls, Josephus, Philo, Nag Hammadi Library, Pseudepigrapha, Old Testament Apocrypha, New Testament Apocrypha, PlatoPythagoras, Dhammapada, Egyptian Book of the Dead, Tacitus, Talmud, Old Testament, Apostolic and Early Church Fathers

You can make a purchase of the Comprehensive New Testament for  $16.95.

An electronic version of the Comprehensive New Testament is produced by Accordance Bible Software as their  cross reference module.



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Cornerstone Publications is dedicated to producing the best reference books in existence.



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Cornerstone Publications specializes in reference books authored by individuals whose skills are unique in their field of expertise. Our books contain exceptional content that powerfully magnify and define the topics they address.


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